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February Precipitation


Two days of constant rain after weeks of no rain at all.

Looking out at the dripping garden
reminds me of other rainy days.

Cold, driving, childhood rain…
the water dripping down my bare legs
and into my gumboots.

Rain feeding the Hutt River…
I lean over the edge of Moonshine Bridge,
and watch branches swirling in the swollen waters.

Peering through the greasy window of an airport bus…
the tracks of rain matching the ones on my cheeks.

Today in Christchurch they thirst for rain…
And yesterday, I welcomed it, too.

But not today.

Jane Percival, 16 February 2017

Flash Fiction

Moonshine Road

Moonshine Bridge & siblings, c. 1974.
Moonshine Bridge & siblings, c. 1974.

I received some excellent news today.

My Flash Fiction piece, Moonshine Road, has been accepted for publication by Crab Fat Literary Magazine.

The story goes back to my past – there are some elements of truth and some of fiction. This made it easier for me to write as I still have vivid memories of Moonshine Bridge and Moonshine Road. As kids we knew the area inside out.

My friend Sue and I spent hours and hours, especially as young teenagers, exploring the river, the bridge, and the ruins and wild gardens of a dwelling that had been derelict for years. We’d walk across the river to the ruins of McCurdy’s Castle and swim at Whakamoonie. All amazing memories.

So… writing about the area was easier – my memories are still vivid.

Moonshine Road, the story, is about something different. And it’s set a few years later.  But you’ll have to read it to find out what it is.

I’ll post something here when it’s published.

Moonshine Bridge was demolished in 1987 to make way for the redirection of

Image of the partial demolition of Moonshine Bridge