List of Publications


Chopper (03/05/2019). In Flash Frontier April 2019: Love,

The Caverns of the Unnamed One (2018). In Christopher Sequeira, Steve Proposch and Bryce Stevens (Eds), Cthulhu: Land of the Long White Cloud, IFWG Publishing, Australia.

The Mysterious Mr Montague (2018). In A. Bridges, L. Murray & A Compton (Eds.), Te Korero Ahi Ka – To Speak of the Home Fires Burning, (pp. 183-199). Speculative Fiction NZ. ASIN: 0473428342; ISBN-13: 978-0473428341.

Grandma’s House (27/12/2016), Micro Madness, In Flash Frontier December 2016: Micro,

Around the Block (23/04/2016). In Flash Frontier April 2016: Slow,

Moonshine Road (01/11/2015) Crab Fat Magazine

The Bookshop (31/10/2015). In SpecFicNZ Shorts. New Zealand, Speculative Fiction NZ. (SpecFicNZ Shorts is a free e-book. Links to where it can be downloaded can be found here.)

The Pouākai (30/10/2015). In L. McNeur & L. Nunns (Eds.), Headland Issue 4. The Maisonette Trust. ISSN 2422-9016.
(Headland Issue 4 is available from Amazon. A link to the purchase page can be found here.

The Mysterious Mr Montague (2015). In A. Pillar (Ed.), Bloodlines (pp. 117-133). Australia, Ticonderoga Press.

Blue (22/06/2015), Micro Madness, National Flash Fiction Day NZ,

Red Blood Cell Deficiency (23/04/2015). In Flash Frontier April 2015: Iron,

Water Baby (16/11/2014) Fiction on the Web UK,

The Tobacco Tin (01/06/2014), 2nd Prize, WWI Centenary Competition, Speculative Fiction NZ,
(also published on Fiction on the Web UK, on 13/01/2015,

'The Kings Command'. A book awarded to my grandfather as 3rd Prize in Standard VI, at Runanga School, December 1910.
‘The Kings Command’. A book awarded to my grandfather, William Peter Joseph, as 3rd Prize in Standard VI, Runanga School, New Zealand, December 1910.

2 thoughts on “List of Publications”

  1. Awesome publication list here! Hope you have time to keep adding to it. I liked reading the blog post about the big storm. Evoked for me just what the humidity on that night really was like. Nice work! Good luck. Kate

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