About Heni Irihapeti

Seashell, Waya Island.
Seashell (Waya Island, Yasawa Islands, The Republic of Fiji – my favourite escape)

In 2013 I resigned from paid employment to focus on writing. I’m not sure where this path will lead but I’m definitely enjoying the exercise.

My days at home in South Head are spent juggling between household tasks, gardening and writing (not necessarily in that order).

A good day is when I manage to write for a couple of hours, garden for a couple of hours, cook up an amazing meal for tea, and walk at least 10,000 steps.

A bad day (and these occur frequently) is when I am slow to start or when I sleep in. If I’m not disciplined first thing, I can easily wile away several precious hours doing not much.

The garden is always a risk. When I go outside I am easily distracted by tasks such as pruning, dead-heading, collecting nuts and random weeding… the list is endless. Or it might be that I become distracted by a bird’s call and have to rush inside to fetch my camera. I’m really keen on observing animals, bugs and plants and I’m a member of NatureWatchNZ.

I decided to start a blog to motivate myself to keep writing. To begin with it has been easier to write about less personal things – the garden, the insect life up here on The Kaipara, the changing seasons, that kind of thing.

Lately I’ve been braver and have posted a few poems and also talked about how it feels to write. I’ve also posted about the minor successes I’ve had, writing-wise, in the past year.

If you do end up on my pages, I’d love to hear feedback. I think that everyone in the creative arts wants to know what people think about their work, whether positive or negative.

Jane Percival

You can also follow me on Twitter or on my Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “About Heni Irihapeti”

      1. Hi Heni – Thanks for your beautiful blog and website. It seems you might have a connection with a family from Lomba, Flores. If so please get in touch. Thanks.
        Murray (Auckland)

  1. Hi. We are thinking of moving to South Head very near you and would love to chat re your experience and living in the area. I can be contacted on my mobiles which 0800638239. Cheers Stuart amd Michelle

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