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The Seven Wonders of the World Hotel

Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Maarten van Heemskerck

2016 Science Fiction Fantasy Short Story Award

Au Contraire 2016, New Zealand’s 37th National Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention, is being held in Wellington over Queens Birthday Weekend (June 03 – 05).

As part of the convention, Au Contraire runs a Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Award.

The winners were announced earlier today: –

1st       To the Centre of the Earth, by Robinne Weiss
2nd      The Wasp-keeper’s Mother, by Andi Buchanan
3rd       Tane Mahuta, by A J Fitzwater

The Seven Wonders of the World Hotel

I was delighted to hear that my submission, The Seven Wonders of the World Hotel, was ‘highly commended’.

The Seven Wonders of the World Hotel is about about what happens to Max, the site supervisor on the Intergalactic Hotels project, on a Saturn’s Day night when he’s called out to investigate a problem near Sector 3B, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

stink bug
NZ Stink Bug, Glaucias amyoti